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Ridder time

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1 minute ago, poutlipper said:

Yep.  Loved what I saw from MM in the first half, but he's limited.  We know what he is and he isn't.  

He looks to run too much, besides the possibility of getting hurt. That is just not the game we need. We need a passer with the receivers we have.

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5 minutes ago, Dark Bird Rising said:

Not yet, we need Marcus to see the sun is going down on him ever being a starter after this season, we need to keep the crash car dummy in there for 9 more games.


Need to see if Ridder is the answer or can be.  Otherwise, the Falcons will have a top 5 pick and no idea of whether to draft a highly rated QB or not.

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I know it’s one game but mariotas mistakes were a reason we lost that game. Should have also stopped playing that bs soft zone defense. Do I think Riddler would have won that game for us? Who knows but I think after that showing we should see what we have with riddler.

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I was against this in principle, even with all MM's mistakes, until Mariota let the ball get slapped out of his hand and didn't even try to do anything about it. He wasn't locked in. Deer in the headlights. Playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Ridder starting may legit be a playoff-making level of difference. We win this game with him imho. I'm usually hesitant to risk ruining a rook, but he deserves a shot. Especially if we look anything like this going forward.

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5 minutes ago, 175_Ranger_Falcon said:

Pitts disappeared in that game


1 minute ago, Geaux_Falcons said:

More like we never looked his way after the first half.

This. He got almost no targets but Firkser and Hesse did. Come on AS. Do better getting Pitts the ball. CP, Pitts and London should be closing out games. 

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