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"The Rivalry"

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1 hour ago, JayOzOne said:

Of course we see them as backwoodsy swamp people with the class, intelligence and sophistication of a stinking pile of gator poop. But they make it difficult no to view them that way.

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HeeeHee. I heard this Jamis jabber on the Dan Patrick show this a.m. Hilarious....they went on about it. Very funny.

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1 hour ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Need to finally beat Brady at least once.

If the pass rush never shows up the entire season, at least let it be for one game to consistently put Brady in the dirt.

I'd like for us to just say screw it and go full Grits Blitz and run the Sticky Sam play about 30 times against Brady where you send 9 guys at the qb. I wouldn't care if we lost, it would be worth it seeing Brady pick clumps of grass out of his face mask all day. 

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7 hours ago, celtiksage said:

I hope all our new faces on the team know this is one of the two biggest games of the year. Gotta bring it Falcons!! LFG!!!

No doubt in my mind these young guys have bought in to this rivalry and are ready to fight for the Red and Black down to the last yard, last point, last second.  Can't wait to watch them humiliate the Taints. 

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