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Braves at Mariners

For the A

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What does everybody think of the new rules?

The Defensive Shift rule is interesting, first impression what about bunts can you any charge after the pitcher releases?  Pitch timer? who is that gonna effect on the Braves, Jensen?



1) Restrictions for defensive shifts

Not counting the pitcher and catcher, four players must have both of their feet on the infield dirt when the pitcher releases the ball, and two infielders must be on each side of second base. The teams must designate before the game which players will stand on each side. Those players will not be allowed to switch sides during the game, unless there’s a substitution.

For example, teams cannot flip the shortstop and second baseman depending on which opposing batter is at the plate.

Fielding teams are charged with an automatic ball for violating this rule, unless the pitch results in the batter reaching base safely without an out being recorded. If an out is recorded in a way that benefits the hitting team—such as a sacrifice bunt, sacrifice fly, fielder’s choice, etc.—that team’s manager has the choice to accept the outcome of the play or take an automatic ball. Teams can challenge any shift ruling—either for compliance or violation.

2) Pitch timer

Pitchers will have 15 seconds to start their throwing motion with the bases empty, and 20 seconds with men on base. The catcher has to be in the catcher’s box with nine seconds left on the timer; the batter must be in the batter’s box and ready for the pitch with eight seconds remaining. An automatic ball is called if the pitcher or catcher violates the rule. An automatic strike is the batter’s penalty.

3) Bigger bases

The size of the bases will increase from 15 to 18 inches. The idea is to encourage more stolen bases and cut down on injuries around the bases. This was the only proposal that passed unanimously. It’s also the one that most fans won’t notice.


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Just now, Unknøwn said:

Seattle isn't going to be easy though. This is a good Mariners team. Theyve won 8 of 10. Robbie Ray is pitching really well right now. He's allowed 6 total runs since the beginning of August 

Yawn, Braves by 7 

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