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Mariota Presser


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1 hour ago, Emmitt said:

He’s the perfect fit for us right now. I’m not sure we could have picked a better QB for our rebirth.

I really liked Arthur's reply to Schultz when he asked how many games would be necessary to evaluate Ridder to see if we need to draft a different QB next season. Arthur took offense about the fact that Schultz's question disrespected Mariota, whose performance will be evaluated to see if HE's the QB of the future and has a leg up on the rook. The question also disrespected the team, because it clearly suggested we're only going through the motions in 2022, before the season even started. Schultz was looking for clickbait, but Coach wasn't 'bout it.

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38 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Let's hope for his sake that the o-line can actually block this season or else he may be as gray as Clint Eastwood before the season is over.

I think the line will be fine. McGary did pretty well against Cameron Jordan last season without being at 100%. A healthy McGary should be able to deal with him again. Wilkinson looks way better than Mayfield and Dalton looks to have made improvements. We’ll know Sunday but I’m not really worried about the Oline at this point. Sometimes moving that one piece is addition by subtraction. No Mayfield no problem.

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