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Ford and Marlowe let go

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6 minutes ago, WH dirtybird said:

There is that favorite new word again “Fluid”. Speaking of which it’s time to grab a beer. 

Totally agree on the bottom of the roster being fluid.  It is one of the things I like most about TF and AS so far.  They mean it when they say they will continue to look under every rock to find good players.  They aren't satisfied to sit on the existing depth and are always looking for upgrades whether it is offseason or in.  That is how we ended up with Rush last year.  

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1 hour ago, Pa_Falcon_Fan said:

Woooo!! They ain’t playing. I’d said they both needed to go. Smith and Fontenot didn’t waste time trying to improve wherever they can. We may see them back but hopefully not getting significant action. I’m so glad this staff identifies issues and begin correcting asap.

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42 minutes ago, Randomfalcon12 said:

Might see a player or two placed on the IR to free up those spots. 

I feel like if they were going move players to IR and bring back other players, there would've been no reason to put those players on the practice squad. If they signed them to a practice squad contract, that says that they intend them to be there at least until after week 1

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