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Saints trade Chauncey Gardner-Johnson for peanuts


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2 hours ago, Spongebob said:

If I was a saints fan I'd be livid. 

We are absolutely livid.

Ok fine, he wants to get paid and it was starting to become a problem. Let him walk next year and get a comp pick. 

****, trade him to the AFC. No one else would match a 5th and 6th? 

This is one of the more mind boggling decisions ive seen my team make in quite a while. No justification, terrible move all the way.

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5 hours ago, nuccah said:

No joke, your subreddit melted down yesterday even before compensation was announced. 

Once it was, it was just pure fury and exasperation. Twas wonderful. 

mrw GIF


I totally get it lol. 

I still think we were better off turning him into a traditional safety and not signing honey badger.

Saints have gone out of their way to sign much less talented players than him. I get his frustration.

Saints are dead wrong for how they handled this. Quite frankly i cant blame any rivals for laughing about this

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