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I’m a die hard and optimistic Falcons fan. The job I have in the bricks & mortar world is inherently dangerous and extremely unforgiving to carelessness, complacency and mistakes. I deal with “fresh death and dying” regularly. Basically, my regular work day consists of me dealing with most folks’ bad day.

So, the team I pull for is my oasis of happiness. Money, *****, Football, video games, cars and guns are my joys. 🍑🍑

Therefore, I wanna make sure it’s noted that I am predicting this team to not only surpass the previous squad, but to also be a team that will win the NFC South THIS SEASON!!! 

I want my flowers before I die. Also, keep tabs of all the haters and people who trash this team or don’t believe. Not because they don’t have a right to, but because they usually change colors whenever they see they’re “trending wrong”. 

Gotta call’em out for being the flakes they are.



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1 hour ago, RING OF HONOR said:

Rode down Roosevelt Hwy yesterday....lol..

I always wanted to buy something out of that store back in the day but never got a chance to..lol


I used to drive by that all the time, I had some land for sale just down the street. I always recalled those **** commercials that were on after the bars closed. 5am, there’s the wolfman on my tv when I’m watching reruns of the Waltons:)

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