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Who’s your secret weapon.

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1 hour ago, Bunchy Carter said:

Defense:Mykal Walker (80+ tackles)

Offense:Feleipe Franks (50 catches/5 TDs)

Special teams:CP84 (2 KR TDs)/Koo probowl.

If Franks gets more TDs in his first year at TE ever than Pitts did as the highest drafted TE in history then I got some questions for Arthur Smith

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27 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

Well, he is definitely the best kept secret we have through the first 2 seasons 😂 

I'm waiting on an analyst to accidentally call Marlon a rookie during the game.

"Number 90 is one of the new additions to this falcons defense, trying to make a name for himself and hopefully get an opportunity!"


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I think by the end of the season and assuming he's fully healthy it will be Isiah Oliver. Those first few games with him playing really left an impression on Pee's and I think getting him back in the lineup allows him to scheme up EVERYONE else as well. Our DB's will be a roaming group, never tipping our hand to who is blitzing, who is dropping back into coverage. Might even see some more safety blitzes given their speed/size combo. The talent around him has improved drastically than the group from last year and the guys who stayed put should have a better understanding for what Pee's wants to do. I'm sooo pumped up for this secondary its crazy.

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Marcus Mariota is going to tear it up the first 8 games leading us to a 6-2 start. He gets hurt and then Riddler takes over and we lose the next 4 games. The fans hate Riddler than something clicks and we never lose a game again this year and the Falcons are finally Superbowl champs!


Riddler goes on to have a HOF career and I die looking back on the 2022 season. 

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