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Falcons Should Sign Ndamukong Suh After Vincent Taylor Injury

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Originally posted on FanNation Falcon Report 
By Jeremy Brener  |  Last updated 8/4/22

With defensive tackle Vincent Taylor rupturing his Achilles earlier this week, the Atlanta Falcons have a massive gap to fill in their defensive line.

Taylor's injury opens up a roster spot, which should likely go towards filling the position that has taken more than a hit or two this offseason.

The Falcons could allow the rest of their young players to fight for Goldman's vacated role, but the fact that Atlanta signed Eddie Goldman last month before abruptly retiring showed that the team valued a veteran presence on the defensive line.

It's very possible the Falcons could go sign a new player before next the season starts, and that player could be five-time Pro Bowler Ndamukong Suh.


Suh hasn't missed a game in the last 10 seasons, but recorded a career-worst 27 tackles last season with the Bucs, which led to Tampa choosing not to re-sign him.

Suh, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, has had a successful career with the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And even at 35, Suh has enough in the tank to be an effective player on a defensive line this season.

His six sacks last season would have led the Falcons, a team that had just 18 sacks combined as a team. Atlanta also allowed 131.9 rushing yards per game, while Tampa Bay was third in the league, allowing just 91.6.

Suh wasn't the only reason behind that, but adding an element from one of the best defensive lines in the league should help improve one of the worst

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Suh wants to play for a SB contender. I don’t think he believes in Mariotta enough to come to atl. He still wants to win. I believe we’ll be decent this year but not SB contenders yet. If after 8 games we’re 7-1/8-0 then I’d feel we could make a real push but as of now I’m hoping we can at least be competitive enough for a playoff birth. 

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57 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Can't see it at all. Plenty of other guys out there though.


Edge guys too


Doubt we make any huge moves, but there are options.

Some names there.  Most have been ridden hard and put up wet though.

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Just now, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

It probably won’t go down but…


Just like that hot chick back in school, she might say yes, but if you don’t ask, she won’t have the chance either way. 

I learned that lesson WAY TOO MANY times! 

I have got to think that someone in our front office made a call or two.  Right?

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3 minutes ago, Herr Doktor said:

I have got to think that someone in our front office made a call or two.  Right?

For the record, I have been afraid to go to Homecoming because I KNOW I am going to get the “you never asked me out and I wanted you to” statements on nonstop from half the cheerleaders and dance girls back in College! Lol

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38 minutes ago, hjerry said:

Didn't this exact article get made after Goldman retired? 

Are they just going to recycle this every time a DT leaves the team in any way?

Yeah but every time they reheat the leftover meatloaf, they add new things like bbq sauce instead of ketchup, or even some yummy gravy. Plus they pair it with different sides like corn, then tater tots, then roasted Brussel sprouts… mmm mmm mmm! 👀🤓😛

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6 minutes ago, Caddieman said:

Don’t know why people keep talking about this! We don’t have the cap space! He’s going to want millions for one year. We ain’t got it

That’s a Falcons thing. It wouldn’t stop the Aints from making a move to be more competitive. Some folks act like it’s a wall. It’s a door. 

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