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Deshaun Watson suspended 6 games


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On 8/3/2022 at 2:03 PM, Mr. Hoopah! said:


All a show and damage control by NFL. They need people to trust a league that allows an anywhere serial offender play football. He wouldn't have been traded unless there were guarantees for Cleveland in the first place. This was all by design. Suspension, appeal, appeal

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Regardless of the issue, whether or not the allegations are sound, and whether or not you agree with the suspension I don’t like the message at all. 

The NFL assigns an arbitrator to pass judgment. The NFL accepts that judgment. Then the NFL publicly rebuked that judgment and decrees they’ll appoint a different arbitrator to pass harsher judgement. 

Meanwhile, the legal system either works or it doesn’t.  

My concern is that the NFL is going to set an example, this bell cannot be unrung.

Is he guilty?  I don’t know, actual courts haven’t found him guilty.  So the NFL is taking the position that he is guilty until such time as he can prove he is not.  And meanwhile, his sentence will be carried out regardless.  

So what happens when a Falcons player is accused but Not Charged with a crime?  Will we all be on board with the league suspending them?

And don’t get me started on Robert Kraft.  He actually did what Watson is accused of over the course of years.  

Do we really want the NFL to be judge, jury and executioner?  Because if they are they’ll go after teams and players based on their value to the brand.




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1 hour ago, Realsurfin said:

See if it happens.   NFL is a lotta talk and little action.  Ridley mist be outta his mind mad at the inequity of the suspensions.


That’s my point. There’s no policy. Just reactive. At some point these suspended athletes will have near absolute ability to sue their league and teams because this is an arbitrary, reactionary measure. 
And again, just to clarify, Robert Kraft and Deshaun Watson are accused of the exact same thing. But there’s evidence including bookings and video against Kraft. The NFL decided not to pursue the issue. Why is that?  Just kidding, I know why. 

What happens when teams or rabid fans realize they can lob accusations against our players to try to have them suspended for critical games?  Without due course of justice there is no fair outcome. 

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