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1 hour ago, Xfactor said:

Love to see Pitts giving London some pointers.

That plus that session where Ridder was throwing to the receivers while the DBs were apparently doing grass drills before covering (?!?!?!?), London made a NICE move on the corner on one of those balls.  Showed some YAC ability.

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1 hour ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

Bouncing Snoop Dogg GIF by BrownSugarApp
video of @HASHBROWN3watching practice in his hoop tee! 

Y’all need to to que this up on a stereo man.

I, like usual, listen to some of these things while driving from state to state.

Got a lot of windshield time covering 5 states lol.

This particular video audio was on +9 bass & I could feel it. It was a cool vibe!  

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20 hours ago, ItsJustMe said:

If Ridder is wearing #4 does that mean he'll twice as good as Ice? A friend told me to ask this..don't flame 

Hes gonna be Brett “favor” part two. Not play then traded and becomes a super bowl winning hall of famer for someone else.

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