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Atlanta at Cincinnati


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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

A mistake. We could have accommodated him. Private jets to bring his fam down here. Hail no matter where he is he still has to travel for a minimum of 81 games.

He built basically a palace in Mexico. And not everyone wants to fly 4 hours multiple times a week(speaking of his family). Yeah but he got 81 nights at his own home in Mexico. That probably means more to him

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6 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Yes Will Smith is scary, but lest not forget he pitched us to a World Series championship last year as our closer.

Serious heart attack ball like the 90s, but he eventually gets it done. My heart rate goes up every time he takes the mound though.

Maybe we can use Strider out of the pen in the playoffs. The league is having trouble hitting him.

I would definitely feel more comfortable if we find a better closer though. Somebody tell me again why we let Melancon walk?

I'm sure Arizona would trade him because he's been terrible. 

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Just now, falconsd56 said:

He played the matchups.

And McHugh has looked good his last couple of outings.


Dude should not be in high leverage situations.

Morton had 94 pitches? I've been giving him **** but the guy should have started the 8th. Just another case of the manager outthinking himself as usual. 

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