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How in the world could the Falcons have possibly put a good team around Deshaun Watson after giving up all those draft picks and cap money?

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Whoever's idea it was to try to sign Deshaun Watson needs to have their football head examined.

We are already extremely low on top talent and broke as a joke. You add Deshaun Watson we would probably be broke for the next 3 or more years AND not be able to add any top draft picks for the next couple of years or free agency. That's not even taking into consideration the possibility of Watson being suspended for a year. We wouldn't have been able to draft Drake London or probably one of our 2nd round picks. We probably would have lost Grady or someone important in the trade.


I hope that Terry was telling the truth and that we were just "exploring." That could have been one of the dumbest moves in NFL history. I can understand the Browns or Saints wanting him because they are only a good QB away from being a legit contender. We on the other hand were bad even with a good QB. (Matt Ryan). Your thoughts?




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Falcons were struggling to find wins.  Not a secret and can't single out any player or FO or coach for that, there were a lot of reasons why the team has been middling for the past 4 seasons.   

It made total sense to explore the options on Watson.  The real disaster was the messaging between the office and Matt Ryan.  Ryan is not a dummy, he knew the team was in a slump and he knew the team was rebuilding whether or not we said the word.  I sometimes wonder on some level if he was wanting a way out and the Watson "episode" gave him that window.  

But for the record (come at me, bro😉) the roster we carried out of last season plus Watson would have won the NFC South this year.  But that's where the limited tools would have been exposed and we wouldn't get past that level.  I understand and accept that the economics on the table were insane in the membrane but I also think it was necessary to explore.  It didn't work out for us.  Time to move on.


Or as grandma Patsy used to say, "bury it in the yard and bark at it why don't ya".

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Exactly the question most of us were asking. But its kinda like the same people screaming about drafting x qb or y qb( flavor of the week qb) and expecting them to excel without building a team first.

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