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Most Unremarkable Braves That You Remember


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Fans who suffered through the pre-1991 Braves will remember the year that Jim Presley spent with team.  He came over in a trade with Seattle for some prospects and was supposed to be the power hitter they needed to supplement Dale Murphy in the lineup.  He did hit 19 HRs, but he also lead the NL in errors at 3B, was second in the NL in strikeouts, and had one of the lowest SLG % among NL starters.  

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On 6/23/2022 at 5:52 AM, The True7 said:

Kinda funny you used unremarkable but you wanted us to remark about them  made me laugh…..

Assuming you mean unremarkable for what was expected of them? Disappointing is a better word but here goes:

BJ Upton - there are no words….

Jason Heyward - endorsed by Hank Aaron as the Next Hank Aaron. 

Brad Komminsk - Was touted as Dale Murphy and Hank rolled into one.

Dan Uggla - tore it up in Miami but was never great here save that first season. Got worse the longer he was here. 


Simply meh guys?

Aaron Blair 

Casey Kotchman - Time was short here but equally unremarkable.

Robert Fick - spent one year here. Not bad production 11 HR 80 RBI but after a parade of power 1B such as Bream, Crime Dog, and the Big Cat, very underwhelming  




I would say Uggla for sure. He would get up to bat with the Popeye biceps and do nothing! It was horrible watching him bat!

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