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Red Sox @ Braves


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19 hours ago, jidady said:

Yup. It's an antagonistic process, and the worst part involves situations like this where the two sides aren't far apart. They can't settle once they submit numbers, which is INSANE.

Arbitration is worse than free agency to me. At least with free agency if you dont like the offer you can part ways with the team and nothing more is said and thought about. With arbitration if you lose you still have to be around the people who devalued you. 

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10 hours ago, Malachore said:

I don't like to pat myself on the back but I've been asking for this guy to be in the lineup for over a week.

I don't want to take ALL the credit for this win because Arcia had a little to do with it as well. 

You should never discredit the value of fandom. 

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3 minutes ago, jidady said:

I think that's the most we've ever had one of these favor us. Even 1 run is pretty rare, much less 2.2.

Yes, I think that's the third of fourth in the Braves favor out of 32. Definitely the largest. We did have one where the ump was 99% and that was pretty much no favor. 

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