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Referendum on Jermaine Johnson II

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I liked Jermaine Johnson. I didn't necessarily feel like he was worth a top 10 pick because he was 5 years out of high school and probably pretty close to his ceiling already. But the Falcons have been so bad at EDGE for so long. Johnson at the very least seemed like a pretty competent player and this could improve that position by a pretty good margin. I would have understood picking him and been ok with it. But I always thought his ceiling was Montez Sweat and his floor was Clelin Ferrell. Sweat was the #26 pick in his class. Ferrell obviously went high, but no one other than the Raiders thought he should have been picked that high. For the Falcons, coming away with Montez Sweat at #8 would be pretty good, but for other teams it would be middling results. 

Johnson really did get picked about where he should have been picked. He may have a nice career but he just didn't fit where the Falcons had picks. For the Falcons and the EDGE position, it really looks like it was Thibodeaux or bust at #8 and then hope for Mafe, Ebiketie, Ojabo, and/or Bonitto at various points in the 2nd or 3rd. 

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