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Biggest Round 1 Surprise

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10 minutes ago, autigerfan said:

What will be your biggest round 1 surprise?

For me its:  Jameson Williams is the 1st WR off the board.

I actually think Jameson has a strong chance to be our pick. I know everyone loves to talk about London to us but to me, Jameson is by far the best WR prospect in this draft. Would require patience since he won't be back at the start of the season but I think he would be worth the wait (if they were intent on taking WR in Round 1)

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9 minutes ago, Swayzee said:

That people have already decided the Falcons have had a good or bad draft before it has even started.

You have posters that just swing from the Falcons nutz regardless what they do, and the polar opposite as well.


We are fans. If we aren't swinging from the nuts of our favorite team then why do we bother doing this?

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1 minute ago, Herr Doktor said:

The big surprise will be that I somehow remain conscious throughout.

Once the Falcons pick I lose all interest in the draft. But since it takes like 2 hours to get to the 8th pick probably sitting there all night.

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Well, according to my full 1st mock, it could either be Burks going top ten, or the fact that Willis is the 4th QB drafted.

Of course that means Burks will drop out of round one and Willis will be drafted top 5. 😄

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