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IT starts tonight!

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If we go QB I hope it's Willis or Corall regardless of which round.

If we go WR I hope it's Williams.

if we go edge, I hop it's not Johnson, pretty Walker will not be available.

Or give me any of the top 3 OT.

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3 hours ago, Big Ben Right said:

 Here's hoping that our guys Terry F.,and Arthur S. Start building us a solid team we can be proud of. ( we love you Mr.Blank,but I hope you learned  your lesson  and let these guys do their job)

Some say they want us to trade up, but that makes no sense, even for a QB, one guy, no matter the player can turn this team around, we have multiple holes.  I say we either stay at #8 and get the BOA or trade DOWN, and pick up extra picks in the first round, or even in the middle rounds.  There will be ample talented players there that can help us.  This year will be a patch on a flat tire, next year could be a new car. 

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My opening random thought as we enter this draft: "Olamide Zaccheaus is our #1 WR."  (See drinking and sniffing comments above)

With that random thought shared, here are my draft predictions.

  1. The Falcons will make a selection at 8, and that selection will not be a QB
  2. Falcons draft at least one UGA player (talent + filling seats = win/win for FO and Coaches)
  3. Not much talk about the position, but the Falcons will draft an interior LB (someone not classified as "EDGE")
  4. Falcons will draft at least one EDGE
  5. Falcons will draft at least one WR

Finally, one less mentioned player I want to see the Falcons draft on day two: Jalen Pitre.

Now, my closing random thought: "Why can't we have a great RB?  Just why??"

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