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With the 8th pick in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select…

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Just now, 1989Fan said:

Falcons gonna trade up to 5 for their guy (Willis). Giants want to trade down and Blank wants to make sure he gets his guy. Peace out 2023 first round pick…it’s like we never knew ya!

I hear the Lions are interested, we may need to go to #1. 

#8, Both 2nds
2023 1st
2024 1st

Who says no?

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3 minutes ago, Maltese Falcon said:

Don't forget the matching glasses and hair.  If that dude had put as much thought into the draft as his look, we'd be a dynasty.

Or into picking good oline or dline players 😂

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58 minutes ago, Number2 said:

Malik Willis, Quarterback Liberty University. 
If he’s there seems like Arthur Blank forces the pick. Just seems like it to me. Anyone else feel like that? Not Bad Kind Of GIF by MOODMAN

Agreed.  Don’t want it to happen but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t.  Only thing worse would be trading up to get him.  

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