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2022 MLB Regular Season


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On October 15th, the Braves lose to a team that they beat by 14 games during the regular season (and heads up as well). 

Along the way, the Phillies watches the St. Louis closer develop a hand cramp when up 2-0 in the 9th inning. Then, Max Fried was recovering from a virus and probably shouldn't have started game one.

Kyle Wright, who had an epic year, dominated game two. In game three, Atlanta dramatically miscalculated by having the injured Spencer Strider start game three. He barely made the playoff roster and probably shouldn't have. His velocity dropped badly in the third inning and gave up too many runs.

Finally, a line drive back to the mound hit Charlie Morton on his pitching elbow, effectively taking him out of the game...but not before he gave up a three-run homer on a flat pitch.

In short, Philadelphia is catching the same breaks in these playoffs that we did last year. And that's the (frustrating) beauty of baseball.

Overall, my niece said it best. We didn't repeat as champions, but we solidified our core while establishing three other potential key contributors.

The Dodgers and Braves will be the class of baseball again next year. Hopefully, we'll have a healthier, more fortunate rotation when the games matter the most.

But 2022 was a season where we came back from down 10.5 games to prove anew that the NL East is now and always shall be Braves Country.

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