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DeShaun Watson not out of woods yet

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A Brazoria County, Texas, grand jury is considering evidence in a criminal complaint against Deshaun Waston alleging sexual misconduct during a massage therapy session, Tony Buzbee, the lawyer of the complainant, told The New York Times on Thursday.

This marks the second grand jury to weigh evidence against Watson pertaining to a criminal case. On March 11, a Harris County, Texas, grand jury determined there was not enough evidence to charge Watson with a crime following allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Brazoria County grand jury is considering a separate accusation than the ones heard in Harris County earlier this month, per The Times.

Watson, the former Houston Texans quarterback who was traded to the Cleveland Browns last week, also faces 22 civil lawsuits. The 26-year-old remains under NFL investigation and is subject to potential discipline under the league's personal-conduct policy.

Watson has denied the allegations against him. His lawyers have previously said "some sexual activity" happened during some of the appointments but that Watson never coerced anyone.

"We continue to closely monitor all developments in the matter," the NFL said in a statement Thursday.

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that the Browns and the other teams involved in trade discussions – the Falcons, Panthers and Saints -- were aware of the potential for an additional grand jury outside of Harris County.

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Really glad we didn't get him. The talent is great, but where there is smoke there is fire, and while he may be innocent, that is not a risk I'd want to take as an organization. As a person I would not want someone accused of anything like that around my girls not to mention be the face of the franchise I pour my money, time and dedication into. 

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On 3/24/2022 at 5:49 PM, FalconFanSince1969 said:

And now that grand jury declined to press charges either. 

Noone on this board has more than speculation. I neither believe or disbelieve. People making fake hate/rape crimes reports should get the same sentence the victims would have gotten had they committed the false accusation.

That will get rid of 90% of it week 1

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