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Tyreek Hill Available


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I know I know guys, but since I live out here in KC its big news.  Bring the GA boy home as part of the rebuild lol.  Bigger question is how much would it take given our cap?  Thoughts???

Another blockbuster coming? Despite an offer from the #Chiefs that would make superstar Tyreek Hill one of the highest-paid receivers, extension talks have stalled and Kansas City has now given Hill’s agent permission to seek a trade, sources tell me and


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5 minutes ago, KCFalcon22 said:

What would you do?  You usually have good content on here.

1. I'm flattered if that was genuine. If it was sarcastic, I'm impressed with the ease of delivery. 

2. I would ask him to come to Atlanta on a one year deal. If he says no (which he will), I would keep it moving. 

3. Definitely wouldn't trade GJ for him straight up.


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It’s a dream why would Hill come here.

Moneys onething but theres not much here and without an established signal caller.

Indy Indy are you still taking calls.

It makes sense they are in a window need a WRer opposite Pittman Jnr and have an established signal caller.

KC will get something done in the end.

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18 minutes ago, Bombers79 said:

No way.  We are 3 years from contending and I don't think his skill set will quite be worth the money down the road.  KC is run the right way and it says a lot that they are allowing him to look around.

Falcons still need to save face for the recent debacle. Whether people like it or not, it seems the majority didn't like how it all went down.

They probably feel they need to make a splash to bandaid the wound.

I'm not saying the falcons are even interested in Hill for the reason you mentioned.... but I am saying that it wouldn't surprise me.

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