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Watson: The End. Betrayel

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Just now, SacFalcFan said:

I am not fan of Watson.. never have been and never would be, but the reality is the Browns are a team that is a qb away from competing for titles.. mayfield is so inconsistent.. smart move for both parties.. now who will take baker.. 

absolutely never understood why he’d want to go anywhere else among the available teams. That team is loaded with talent, and he’ll make them perennial SB contenders for the foreseeable future.

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4 minutes ago, marvinthemartian said:

Except for killing our relationship with Ryan, this may be a HUGE BLESSING. 

This is what I'll be trying to convince myself.  Haha.  I really got swept up in all of this.  I should've known better.  

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Just now, Thiccolas Cage said:

We gambled and lost lol

Im not mad at them for gambling though you gotta do that to better yourself at times.  I would have been more upset if they didn't put in any effort at all.  But im also really impressed with them that they knew when to much was to much and didn't ruin the franchise even more i think they did well.

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Just now, Vandy said:

Maybe not. But we all know Matt’s a class act. 

If Matt stays here after this?

Dude is even more a Certified BOSS and we never deserved him.

That said, I’m not opposed to building around him. Play till 45 like Brady and let’s build a winner here!


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