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Braves Spring Training


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1 hour ago, Unknøwn said:

Cuts today..

Touki and Drew Waters sent to minor league camp 

I just don't think Touki is ever going to stick. He's still too inconsistent and hasn't shown any improvement.  

The same with Newcomb.  In fact, Newk is out of options and I wouldn't be surprised if he's traded for scrap any day now.


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29 minutes ago, K26dp said:

Calling it now -- this is Ian Anderson's break-out season. 

I feel like the main thing he needs to get under control is the deep counts. Once he does that he'll be going much deeper into games although it seems like all they want is 5 now a days.

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13 minutes ago, JDFIII said:

That was last year imho. He was as good as anyone of our others throughout the playoffs. 

He's got another gear. Tighten command up a notch to get just a bit more efficient (and as Malachore says, go deeper into games), but if his "third pitch" curveball continues to get sharper and become a second swing-and-miss pitch to go with the change-up he's going to be a big problem for other teams.

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