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UGA Basketball HC Search


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1 hour ago, Unchained said:

Just curious. Leaving an established program for a rebuild. So basically he left for somewhere that he might get more love from boosters?

Mike white was never fully embraced by the fans and boosters.. he wasn't Billy Donovan and they wanted him to be.  Billy d was their goat and best coach ever at florida.  Winning back to back titles is unheard of especially at a football school.  I saw fire Mike white posts on Gator boards very very early on.  The fans wanted more.  They have a short memory on how bad they used to be in basketball.  Mike white is a good recruiter and knows how to coach.  He has a huge job ahead though with a complete rebuild.  I can see him bringing Jonas back.. he tried to hire Jonas before. 

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To put into perspective how big of an upgrade is Mike White over our previous coaches.  He has more ncaa wins since 2017 at uf then we have had at UGA since 1983.. Think about that.. 6 wins at florida and an elite 8 run and we have 2 wins in the ncaa tournament since our 1983 run.  He is a huge upgrade folks and can recruit the georgia/florida area..  Big hire IMO. 

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I saw this post on another board.. sums up what I feel as well. 

I wasn't really sure about the hire so I looked at Florida's basketball history for the last couple years. It seems to me that people (including Florida fans, if you can call them people) have some very selective and weird memory about Donovan and White.

Donovan had unprecedent success at UF. The football analogy would be Urban Meyer's run at Florida but Spurrier didn't happen in the 90's. He caught lightning in a bottle in '06-'07 around the same time Meyer was winning.

But while Donovan's program had the back to back titles he wasn't a final 4 machine. Florida did a 2 year rebuild in 08-09 and missed the NCAA tournament. They went to 3 straight Elite 8's in 2011-2013 but lost to lower seeds twice. They got back to the final 4 in 2014 but got bounced by 7 Seed UConn by 10 points (Florida was a 1 seed).

Florida then had a losing record in 2015. Donovan leaves for the NBA and White comes in from La Tech. White turns around a losing record into a NIT semi-final. Then makes 5 consecutive NCAA tournaments (Here I'm counting the COVID cancelled tourny, they would have been in the field).

So a few take always:

1. Donovan was a unbelievably good coach. Elite during his time in the college game. To criticize someone by say "Well he isn't as good a college BB coach as Billy Donovan" is hardly ****ing.

2. The Florida program had "declined" from 2006-2007 titles to having its first losing record in 17 years by the time White took over in 2015.

3. White reversed that losing record trend promptly and then made the tournament on a regular basis.

4. White's best teams are probably not as good as Donovan's teams.

5. Its probably worth noting that Donovan's best teams occurred in the same time period as the "Urban Meyer free for all in Gainesville."

6. Florida fans are delusional about the history of their basketball program. Donovan was a huge outlier. White's performance is well above average.

7. The SEC is better at basketball now than it was when Donovan making his teams.

In conclusion, White is good basketball coach with a proven track record of success in the SEC. Is he Billy Donovan? No he is not.

If you had told me last week that Georgia would hire a "good basketball coach with a proven track record of success in the SEC" I'd have though you were nuts because no such coach would want to come to UGA in its current condition. I have a difficult time imagining that there were many, if any, better options available.

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On 3/7/2022 at 12:53 PM, NashvilleFalcon01 said:

The women's team is basically already there. Why can't the men get there?

I said the same thing about UT's basketball program for years. They were normally lousy, while the women were a National Championship contender nearly every season.

Anyhow, I think you guys did pretty get getting Mike White from Florida. I remember wanting him after Cuonzo bolted in 2014 for California.

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On 4/18/2022 at 12:22 AM, SacFalcFan said:

Mike white hired a terrific staff and he is going doing terrific right now with recruiting.

I hadn't seen that he made his 3rd hire, so if I'm following that, he brought his entire UF coaching staff with him? Seems like a pretty positive outcome for us. They weren't perfect, but they were an NIT team despite the best player on their roster being unavailable to play. Need to fight in the portal to fill gaps and then get to work on an identity that the team can build around quickly based on the pieces available. Crean's teams never seemed to have a consistent identity and they didn't seem to build/develop over time, making the same exact mistakes all season long. Show me that kind of growth and White could have success (by UGA standards) pretty quickly in Athens. Not expecting tournament berth in year 1 or anything, but crawl off the bottom and fight for middle ground, and recruiting starts to become a bit more open. Probably need to circle a statement game or two on the schedule to try and build some credibility/brand around if possible as well.

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