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Post Your Mock Draft Here And Stack It Against Other Mock Drafts.

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3 hours ago, celtiksage said:


I'm really on the fence about Davis, and certainly not at #8, yet I don't think there's any way he falls to the second round.

He's not, or shouldn't be on the field on 3rd and long. The question is if he can work on his conditioning, and become a 3 down DL. He'd certainly help on 3rd and short, goal line, and he'd free up Grady from double teams somewhat any time he's on the field. His problem is he just uses his size. He don't get good pad leverage or use his hands in a technical standpoint. He's just big and strong. Can he be coached in those areas to get better (but he couldn't be at UGA). I'm skeptical for sure.

I think my first target picks at 8 would be Stingley or Hamilton, and then the kid Jones from Connecticut or Wyatt at the top of round 2 (also Mathis and others here). If Stingley or Hamilton aren't there you either trade back or select Ekwonu or Linderbaum if the offers are low and one of those 2 are available.

Ideally, we land Hamilton/Stingley in round 1 and whoever remains of Davis/Jones/Wyatt with the first 2nd rounder. You could add Walker at Edge or any number of the edge guys with the first second rounder and hope for Jones with our 2nd pick in round 2. I have lots of needs still available with that 3rd pick, so could go any number of ways there.



I dont think we gonna have to be worrying about a whole lot of 3rd and longs for awhile man feels like theres going to be one heck of a lot more 3rd and <=3 than 3rd and longs haha.

I wouldnt take him at 8 either, but if you pick him up mid to late first, get a pick, now u have 2 2nd rounders to go IOL, CB, WR, Edge...really tons of diff ways to go. Im usually not this way but i kinda like the idea of trading some 2023 draft capital for 2022...nfl coaches are on pretty short leashes so its not unthinkable.

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On 1/12/2022 at 1:59 PM, thanat0s said:

Here's a quick one. I stopped at r4, because it's just darts at a board that late until we get to some combines and pro days. Heck r4 is a stretch for any accuracy.


1. George Karloftis (ED) Purdue. - Big, fast guy who can penetrate from any position. He might get out talented at times during his career, but it's doubtful he'll get outworked. He's definitely a love him or hate him type among draft watchers, but in this draft run, he was BPA and addresses a need. Best of both worlds.

Other available: Linderbaum, C, Pickett QB

2A. Jordan Davis (NT) Georgia - I personally doubt he's around at our pick in round 2, but that's how this draft fell. I have zero doubt that he is exactly the kind of DL space eating monster we need to unlock our defensive potential.

Others: Myjai Sanders ED, Zion Johnson G


2B. James Cook, RB, Georgia - This was a tough choice, because I really like the CB Emmerson of MS State. But I think for our immediate needs, we could use a guy like Cook. Maybe it doesn't conjure up the best imagery for Falcons fans, but he reminds me of the best of Devonta Freeman. 

Others: Martin Emmerson CB, Jalen Tolbert WR


3. Jalen Pitre, CB, Baylor - A solid nickel prospect who could slide outside as well.  I'm not as well versed on him as early as this, but from what little I read and watched, he'd be a fine pick here considering the alternatives.

Others: Isaiah Spiller RB, Logan Hall DL

4. Lecitus Smith, G, VaTech - a prospect who only gave up 4 sacks in his 33 game college career. He has a solid body for the NFL from what I can tell. 

Others: Zakhari Franklin WR, Derrick Deese Jr TE

Love how you added the "others" at the end of each round. That's the way I'm looking at it also. I'm looking at targets for the specific rounds and hoping one of the target players are there. 

For instance, at pick 8 I'm looking for one of my top 7: Thibodeaux, Hutchinson, Neal, Hamilton, Stingley, Ekwonu, Karlaftis.

After that I'll look for a big trade back offer or go with a limited number of consolation picks (the ones that are the best system fits): Linderbaum, Lloyd, Leal, London or anyone else with an L in their name (haha jk Dean and Davis).

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Based on running multiple mocks, here are a few guys of interest that have been there at #8: 

George Karlaftis - ED Purdue 

Charles Cross - OT Mississippi State

Tyler Linderbaum - C Iowa 

Ahamad Gardner - CB Cincinnati 

Devin Lloyd - LB Utah 

Ikem Ekwonu - OT NC State

Garrett Wilson - WR Ohio State

There are of course others, but these are the ones that I think could be worthy of a top 10 pick. Charles Cross is very interesting. In two years as a starter, he allowed pressure on only 4.6% of all passing plays. But I've also been pretty vocal about not relying on rookie OL. 


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