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Orange Bowl Thread - #3 Georgia vs #2 Michigan


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23 minutes ago, putnam6 said:

**** thats has got to be it, Dad liked Colburn not to mention he would often tell us that as he beat his kids at 9 ball as we bet our paychecks from whatever jobs with had at the time.  Seriously he took my first paycheck ever $187.32 and he kept it for a week too, even then I think Mom made him give it back.  

here is something interesting (at least to me).. Colburn was in that movie and also in the Maverick.. LOL  

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23 minutes ago, Dawggone said:

Bro, what in the world is going on with this board? A mediocre fat guy? And can Kirby??? For what? For whom? Where y’all not fans for Donnan & Goff? **** Richt and Dooley neither one came close to what Smart has done. Am I happy with the qb situation? Meh, not really but O don’t know everything either. Other than that and the defensive gameplay against Bama good luck finding anyone better, including Saban. It’s odd after finally reaching consistent perennial top 5-8 type teams we want to fire Smart. I just don’t understand that. 

Agree with all of the above.. Jordan davis is freaking awesome and has already plenty of proof in hardware and video showing it.  I find it funny how after a UGA loss we have a few haters who claim to be dawgs fans show up out of the blue and yet after bama lost to a&m it was okay bama will improve on it, but I guess UGA can't.. LOL  Trolls are so funny.  

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2 hours ago, Hugh Janus said:

Dawgs had an easy regular season schedule and we’re never tested. Bama was the first team that tested them and blew their doors off. Jordan Davis was exposed as a mediocre fat guy, and we learned that Stetson Bennett is not the guy than can put a team on its shoulder and has serious limitations. And of course if was further confirmed that Kirby is no Saban and will always get outcoached. 

As far as Michigan goes, I see Harbaugh as a guy that has the ability to fire up his guys with his craziness. Lots of talent over there too. 

Stetson Bennett is my biggest concern. I’m not critical of him because he is what he is, a walk on that should never have had to be put in this situation. It’s on Kirby that he has failed once again to get a quality quarterback or two ready to lead this team. With the resources he has to work with its quite unacceptable 

Bruh. So much about this is ******* ridiculous Colin Cowherd level hot takes.

We totally changed our defense up for the SEC title game. That was a coaching failure. Calling the literal Bednarik Award winner a “mediocre fat guy” is a clown comment and makes it hard to take anything you say seriously. Makes you come across more as one of those “I’m just a realist” whiny type of fans who just overreacts to anything negative. Davis was asked to hold contain on Bryce Young and Robinson in the middle, that’s why you see the tape of him just standing up straight trying to keep his guy at arm length so he could break away. Did you honestly think that Bama was guarding him that well or he was just tired or something??? Our whole defensive game plan was changed, I don’t know how many people on the team or staff or close to the program have to say it.

Bama played a similar schedule and they not only lost a game but struggled in several. **** they nearly lost to a bad Auburn team that we blew out nasty. Kirby has a Saban problem head to head. Sooner or later maybe we see him overcome that, but Saban was also a head coach for about 23 years before Kirby Smart fielded a football team of his own. And of course I don’t think any coach has more insight to how Kirby Smart thinks than Nick Saban. It is what it is. Hopefully Kirby overcomes that soon.

As far as Stetson, it doesn’t even need to be addressed anymore. That horse is dead and beaten into the ground. I hope he proves all of us who doubt he can get it done wrong. And I agree the QB position has proven to be a glaring weakness for us under Kirby, despite the recruiting and portal success it has not translated to the field with those players.

I’m not going to trash Michigan, I think they are a very good team and it should be a great game. They are nowhere near UGA or Bama’s level of talent or depth but they have a very good team and a very experienced head coach. 

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