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On 2/28/2022 at 2:20 PM, LawDawg said:

Don't know about these used tires. Surprised this was the best we could do.

Bama has folks clamoring to join their staff. Apparently, we haven't earned the same clout.



Kirby had a ton of interest and spent a week doing interviews.  There are a number of guys he could have hired, but he choose a coach who is a good coach and who is a good chemistry fit.  Let's be honest our oline hasn't been great for 3 years.  Pittman was horrible chemistry wise for the staff, but his players loved him.. Luke was a great chemistry fit, but his players didn't like to play for him.  We have been inconsistent at times on the offensive line..  It has been a bit mind boggling how much talent we have and honestly how as a unit they have underperformed at times.  It started in PIttman's final season and the last 2 has been up and down..  The national title game is a great example.. We had a terrific drive where our oline just moved guys around, but the rest of the game we struggled running the ball.. last year's msu game was horrific.. we couldn't get any yards the entire game.. That is not at all acceptable with all of the 4 and 5 stars we have on the oline.  I am happy Luke stepped away and I thought we would go with a different coach, but Kirby knows his staff's makeup and knows what kind of coach will fit in with the existing guys.  The reaction of this hire however has been over the top.  Searels is a good coach.. as a recruiter was his big question mark and I don't have a concern with Kirby and the existing staff we have.  I actually disagreed with a lot of UGA fans who were upset with the idea about hiring Will Friend.. I thought he did a great job while in Athens and so after all that bellyaching they got Searels and now are saying "we would have been happier with will friend".. oh please.. 

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