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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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23 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

It is interesting that the staff is only going to carry 4 dlinemen..

Healthy scratching 3 pieces on the dline is kinda mind numbing.


Hopefully it turns out to be a mind numbingly good move and not a mind numbingly stupid one.

They brought Rush up from PS. He is backing up Davidson at NT

Not sure how much that helps but maybe he can tackle better than the other guys

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7 minutes ago, Hard2BaBirdWachr said:

My step-son is CONSTANTLY playing Roblox every single day. Reminds me of myself when my brother bought me a Nintendo when it 1st came out.

Yeah, it’s got the junkiest graphics but ids love it. Well, I have to admit, I play broken bones myself, and the nine yr old and I play act the movie on Titanic. 😄

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Just now, fuego said:

I haven't read the thread yet, so if anybody hasn't said it, here's our opportunity to make another backup QB look like Joe Montana. lol.

the only reason that happens is because we can't tackle. plus teams do a lot of check-downs that turn into big gains because we can't tackle. if these guys clean up the tackling this could be a good win. even though Payton is a good offensive mind he always has his defense ready for us. the only plus is that since Brees is gone, the refs haven't been so kind to the Saints. hopefully  that carries on today

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