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World Series Champs Off-season 2021-2022

For the A

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13 minutes ago, For the A said:

I haven’t seen anything except during the season. But is their a time frame when the arbitration hearings will take place? 

They haven't been scheduled yet. The hearing dates aren't always publicized but they'll be a given a date and time just like a typical court case. My guess is probably mid to late April they'll start working players in. I did read that the players will be paid based on the teams filed number until the hearing. At that time they'll have to adjust pay and award back pay should the ruling be higher. 

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From Freddie Freeman...

With the regular season less than two weeks away, I want to address some issues that have arisen since I began this next chapter of my life with the Dodgers.

First of all, my relationship with (Braves president of baseball operations) Alex Anthopoulos remains great. When we spoke earlier this week, I told Alex how much I enjoyed my time in Atlanta, especially last year when we all experienced the thrill of winning a World Series. I also apologized for some of the comments I made during my introductory press conference with the Dodgers. It was a very emotional week for my family and I.

Everyone should know my wife, Chelsea, and I will always have the utmost respect for the entire Braves organization and the city of Atlanta. My family and I loved every minute we had in Atlanta. We envisioned our future there, which is why it was such an emotional week for us. However, we truly believe that God has a plan and everything happens for a reason. We believe that we are exactly where we are supposed to be with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen the countless friendships we made since joining the Braves organization way back in 2007.

Chelsea and I have cherished the relationships we have developed with our Atlanta charities and we will continue to support them going forward.

We wish the Braves nothing but success this year. I love all of my former teammates and I hope they have continued success.

We wish Matt Olson and his family nothing but the best.

We appreciate the many Atlanta fans who have reached out and been so positive over the past couple weeks.

Alex gave me the option of receiving my World Series ring in Los Angeles or Atlanta. I am thankful for the opportunity to receive it in Atlanta in June in front of my former teammates, coaches and fan base that provided me incredible support over the past decade.

While my time with the Braves was special, I am now looking forward to beginning this next chapter of my life with the Dodgers. We have a tremendous team and a tremendous group of guys in this clubhouse. I can’t wait to get on the field and get started with my new teammates. I am thankful the Dodgers have given me a chance to spend the next six years being part of their great tradition and continuing to allow me to play the game I love so much.

I gave everything I had while I was with the Braves and I will continue to do the same thing with my new organization, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

See you in June … and in October.

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Freeman told the AJC he expects the Braves to "win a lot more". Freddie talked about how fun itll be to face Matzek and all the night shift guys. He also acknowledged that it was weird Matt Ryan left around the same time. He added "rest assured Atlanta, we'll probably find our way back one day". Could easily see Freddie doing the Pujols path. Go to LA for awhile and come home to Atlanta for a year or two and retire. 

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On 3/26/2022 at 11:24 PM, CrimsonFalcon said:

I'm glad he'll take his ring in June,  in front of those he spurned... he'll get the love that's deserved, but it won't be what he thinks it will be...


And in October... strike 3 low and away by Jansen.. 

Freddie ain't getting boo'd bro, there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

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