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2021-2022 Hawks November Game Thread


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Yeah the offense is ugly, and we're getting KILLED in transition because guys are sulking when they don't get calls or their shots don't fall.


Not sure of the exact numbers, but outside of the game @ WAS I feel like our halfcourt defense has been really good. But we don't have any kind of resistance in transition. JC and CC are usually crashing the offensive glass and 6'1 Trae is always the deepest man back. It's on our wings to step it up start hustling in transition once you see the ball get released. 

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Mon, Nov 1 6:30 PM vs  wsh.png&h=25&w=25Washington Wizards
Wed, Nov 3 6:30 PM @  bkn.png&h=25&w=25Brooklyn Nets
Thu, Nov 4 6:30 PM vs  utah.png&h=25&w=25Utah Jazz
Sat, Nov 6 9:00 PM @  phx.png&h=25&w=25Phoenix Suns
Mon, Nov 8 9:00 PM @  gs.png&h=25&w=25Golden State Warriors
Tue, Nov 9 8:00 PM @  utah.png&h=25&w=25Utah Jazz
Fri, Nov 12 8:00 PM @  den.png&h=25&w=25Denver Nuggets
Sun, Nov 14 5:00 PM vs  mil.png&h=25&w=25Milwaukee Bucks
Mon, Nov 15 6:30 PM vs  orl.png&h=25&w=25Orlando Magic
Wed, Nov 17 6:30 PM vs  bos.png&h=25&w=25Boston Celtics
Sat, Nov 20 6:30 PM vs  cha.png&h=25&w=25Charlotte Hornets
Mon, Nov 22 6:30 PM vs  okc.png&h=25&w=25Oklahoma City Thunder
Wed, Nov 24 7:30 PM @  sa.png&h=25&w=25San Antonio Spurs
Fri, Nov 26 7:00 PM @  mem.png&h=25&w=25Memphis Grizzlies
Sat, Nov 27 6:30 PM vs  ny.png&h=25&w=25New York Knicks
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7 minutes ago, Willy Mo said:

It is interesting that we closed with a Trae/Bogi/Cam/Dre/JC lineup tonight forgoing Clint in the late game.


I wonder if that would've been the same if it was closer and more of a game down the stretch

Just gotta get Bogi off that starting definsive squad. Cam for Bogi. Add a low post defender that can score inside and out and play some defense. Then we’re outta here.

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18 hours ago, blkbigdog35 said:


Too many mouths to feed. Cannot say I am surprised, but this is probably a better problem to have than not enough talent. 

But I am worried about the offensive change. Maybe the offense hasn't changed, but dude are just trying to get their shot. With Hunter and Reddish back, it is very much a logjam. 

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2 minutes ago, Willy Mo said:

Our off ball defense has been awful tonight. Guys are just losing shooters, not closing out to anyone and getting back cut on heavy

Yep, we were getting away with it but that coupled with some bad passes and decisions put us in a big hole. At least Hunter and Huerter finally got something going tonight.

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