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World Series: Astros vs Braves


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6 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

The absolute best thing about this team is that.. . It is just that a team.

Every guy in the lineup contributed to wins in the  post season.

Joc was not much a factor I the WS but the Braves don't beat the Brewers with out him.

Ozzie had a meh series but he was all over the base paths today

Dansby was ehh the post season but when the braves needed him the most...he hit a game thing home run.


Everyone contributed....it was **** fun to watch



Dont forget Rosario’s ridiculous NLCS.

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1 minute ago, Jimsmusic™ said:

the moment that truly won it?


when matzek struck all 3 guys out when luke loaded the bases.

I said that earlier in the game when was was talking about potential mvp's and i said matzek deserved it as well.  Then brought that up as the turning point for our postseason and momentum.

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30 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

What a year. This was obviously a roller coaster but the most fun season I've ever been apart of. I'll definitely never forget this season. It was a pleasure and an honor taking the ride with all of you. Made it that much more special.  I look forward to doing it again next season and discussing the Braves plans to repeat all offseason. 


Ditto!!!! Omg!!

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27 minutes ago, NashvilleFalcon01 said:

The hat I wanted sold out. Any chance they restock?

Was it the beanie cap albies was wearing?  If so you can go on new era website and order and it says will ship in a couple days.  I had same issue but new era let’s you order it and says will ship on or around Nov 4.

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