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Takes That Didn't Age Well - 2021 Season.

Born Again Georgian

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22 minutes ago, tl;dr said:

“It’s just not the Braves year. This team isn’t good.” 

My early takes didn’t look good lol. 

I mean, we were under .500 in August. This team WAS NOT good until it got hot. Since then, it's been unstoppable.

When you look at all the chances the Braves had to fold, including Philly's weird hot streak at the end, it's all the more remarkable.

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This is probably the most resilient Braves team that I can remember. They never gave up and battled even when they were hovering around 3rd place. Last night was a good example. The Brewers made some big plays, kept looking primed for the win but the Braves just absolutely refused to lose. A lot of Braves teams of the past would have been dead in the water at 2-0. It was that oh no here we go again feeling. Lose 7-2 and then go to Milwaukee and get Folty'd right out of the playoffs. This group believes. They took the step needed last year. They got October confidence. I was reading this morning that the feel in the clubhouse is just different. They know who they are. They know they have the tools and ability to beat anyone who walks through that door. Jim Powell talked on the radio last night how after every inning when the bullpen would escape a jam late or get through an inning. He was live from the dugout during the game, he said the guys just came to the dugout with an aura, with a confidence of we're winning this game, don't care what you do. 

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3 hours ago, TheTrue7 said:

Scrolling through and see no mention of front office and management.

Embarrassed Shame GIF

Most of the front office posts were along the “when is AA gonna make some moves”. Those aged very quickly.

Even the endless “Snitker is a horrible manager” posts are beginning to get some bad aging to them. I think most of us are guilty of those. 

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