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Phillies @ Braves


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19 minutes ago, Unknøwn said:

This series just happened to to occur while the local schools are on fall break. The fans responded 


Yesterday was a playoff atmosphere and it was a great all-around team win. Fried was as dynamite as ever, the bats got in enough runs to enjoy a breathing room, and the bullpen went and got it done including Rodriguez's 7-pitch inning. Let's shut the door tonight so that everyone can get some well-deserved rest for the playoffs!

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Top story on the Athletic this morning is the trouble in the Phillies farm system. Tough week

The cracks were deeper than a mere end-of-season award. Multiple members of the organization described a “toxic” culture in player development. There was backstabbing and browbeating. There were not just mixed messages, but messages that were designed to mute certain employees. There was working for credit — and credit only — and those who fell into job-preservation mode. There were people, both tenured and newer employees, who no longer felt empowered to coach. Player development blamed scouting for a lack of talent and scouting blamed player development for a lack of progression. Bryan Minniti, who was fired in August, was in charge of both departments. The players were caught in it all — cogs in an organization that could not articulate an actual player-development philosophy.

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