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Braves @ Padres


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7 minutes ago, Jimsmusic™ said:

awesome philly is up 8-6 now bottom 8th.. and will smith lets them take lead.


thats georgia sports right there folks.

If the Braves miss the playoffs Brian Snitker deserves to be fired because Will Smith has single handily lost at least 10 games for the Braves this season and Snitker continues to run him out there.

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5 minutes ago, slamee101 said:

He absolutely should but the frustrating thing is I know this organization won’t. 

That’s the worst part of this awful unbearable season. Brian Snitker would have to get arrested for murder or something to get fired. Nothing about the on field results will do the job. All the nuthuggers just say “well if it weren’t for the injuries blah, blah, blah.” It’s why they disagree with me so hard despite me being able to point out that the Braves have badly underachieved this year.

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3 minutes ago, Born Again Georgian said:

Nah, it let us get rid of the crappy Upton.  Now I wish we were able to make a push to bring Kimbrel back.

Agreed. I just dont understand the committment and stubbornness to will. Hes been hot garbage the entire time with the Braves. He was never dominant here, he blew games in NLCS, he blew games all of this year. Wed be up 10 games if not for him.

Braves country needs to riot if hes on 2022 opening day roster and honestly if we squeek into the playoffs in spite of smith and snit. He needs left off the playoff roster.

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