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Julio Gets Scolded.

Hard Case

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Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel wasn’t happy with newly acquired wide receiver Julio Jones during the team’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon.

Vrabel lashed out on the former All-Pro wideout on Monday. Jones was called for a personal foul in the first quarter. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness after he swung at Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy.


After the penalty, Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw an incomplete pass on the ensuing third down. Tennessee was forced to punt while trailing 10-0 in the opening quarter.


"Critical mistake," Vrabel said. "That's absolutely nothing that we coach or teach. So, that would fall into the category of doing dumb s--t that hurts the team, right there in bold letters. It goes from third-and-1 to third-and-16."


The Cardinals rolled to a dominating 38-13 victory over Tennessee. Jones finished with three receptions for 29 yards in the loss. A seven-time Pro Bowler, Jones was acquired by the Titans in an offseason trade with the Atlanta Falcons.

Last year, Jones finished with 771 receiving yards and three scores in nine games. He dealt with a nagging hamstring injury for most of the season.

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The Albatross has landed....

WHOLIO is at a pivot point.... crash n burn is around the corner.

Lay off the dank man... you are not all that.

You see now the pressure is on Wholio... he cannot just kick it back and live off the rep.

He must perform.  Wonder if there is a clawback clause in his contract.

Lets see how this season goes...

Glad he has moved on... we do not neede the added drama.


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2 hours ago, putnam6 said:

Yeah... i figured he got the money up front in the restructure to pay his lawyers... he is going from Diva to drama queen.

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18 minutes ago, Realsurfin said:

Yeah... i figured he got the money up front in the restructure to pay his lawyers... he is going from Diva to drama queen.

Sounds like he may need them, let me preface this by I in no way think Wholio or Roddy did anything illegal but it does sound like some shady stuff went down before and after the split by other persons involved and we aren't talking about a nickel bag either.


gonna look into this more when I can.

The lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month, also claims that Jones, White and White's company SLW Holdings (one of the five entities that make up Genetixs) were illegally harvesting and selling millions of dollars worth of cannabis in California

More specifically, the defendants are accused of not reporting cannabis sales since March, projecting that they have been selling $3 million worth of cannabis per month. This means a total of around $15 million worth of cannabis was allegedly sold, over the last five months

“The scope of said defendants’ theft, black-market sales, money laundering, and diversion of assets and expenses without documentation or approval, is staggering and has caused, and is causing, Genetixs substantial and irreparable harm and damage,” the lawsuit states.

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17 hours ago, abcranford2 said:

Julio not looking too good...hate to see it

not his first time to drop a TD pass  ;)


anyone else find it humorous to see him wearing Matt's number after he dissed him with 'I want to play with a QB who can hit me in stride down the field' I think is the quote, or very close. 

of course, I realize that could have been something someone said that doesn't have any substance to it, but hey, let's run with it anyway like the major media guys do. I need to build up my resume'



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