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*** Official Eagles Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***


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And the game is being televised in East TX!! Wooooooooo!! That means the Texans, Cowgirls and Taints - fk the Taints!! - aren't playing at noon. Or so they advertised on a local channel, although they've done that before only to snatch away my dreams. No worries. I have a backup plan if they screw us with a game from the Midwest. 

And GB is being televised locally, which makes the wife happy. May she rest in peace if her team wins and mine loses. Hahaha

Let's gooooooo!!!! 

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18 minutes ago, Monoxide said:

It’s back!!! This off-season has felt like the longest, but now we get to hopefully see everything come together. A new offensive mind behind the wheel, a unicorn at tight end finally ready to unleash, and a whole lot of other fun things to observe.

Week 1 is here! #RiseUp

unleash the hounds..and good morning folks 

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The most exciting day of the year is finally here! So many questions will start to be answered today.


Can the O-line protect for Matt?

Can Coach Smith get a ground game going?

What will Coach Smith's offense look like without a 2000 yard work-horse back?

Can Coach Pees turn our defense into a respectable unit as he's done at every stop in his career?

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17 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

Good morning. This is the longest morning of the year. 😬😬

Football season is the only time of the year that I miss living in Las Vegas. West Coast time is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better for football.

Falcons games from 10AM-1PM, so you're not sitting around all morning in anticipation. Then, once its over, you have the rest of the day to do whatever you need to do. 

The prime-time games start at around 5:20PMand end around 8:30PM, so you can still get a good nights rest for work the next day. 


Ugh, I miss it so much.

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5 minutes ago, Monoxide said:

#InBrotherhood was Dan Quinn. #RiseUp was the early days of Ryan to Roddy and Turner. The brotherhood gimmick was corny to me, but I’ll never abandon Rise Up.

But, perhaps, just perhaps, it's time we got back to base camp and create a new slogan?

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