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Braves @ Dodgers


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Rules 6.03(a)(3), 6.01(a)(1):

If the batter interferes with the catcher’s throw to retire a runner by stepping out of the batter’s box, the plate umpire shall call “Interference.” The batter is out and the ball is dead (provided the catcher’s initial throw does not retire the runner; see following paragraph). No player may advance on such interference (offensive interference), and all runners must return to the last base that was, in the judgment of the umpire, legally touched at the time of interference. Exception: The batter is not out if the catcher’s initial throw retires the runner, or if the runner trying to score is called out for batter’s interference.



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1 minute ago, AUTiger7222 said:

By rule they made the correct call. But they could have made it more clear what was happening.

I think they got the rule at the plate correct. I think what they were unsure about was if Albies was out at second on the throw or not. 

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