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Braves at Orioles

For the A

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1 hour ago, AUTiger7222 said:

I really hope the Braves put Smyly in the bullpen when Anderson comes back. If they get rid of Touki then AA cares more about money than he does winning. Smyly is absolute garbage!!!

8-3 is not garbage. And his ERA is 4.50 which the ERA for a quality start. He has started 17% of the teams games and has lost only 5% of their games. I think he’s been an asset to this club

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23 minutes ago, OrthoPTSD said:

Riley is xfactor for this team. Between his glove and approach at plate if he gets hot during playoffs....

He just stays on top of the ball now, the kind of swing and power that can do damage against playoff pitching

Before the season, I totally felt Riley was the x factor. If he ever developed into that 35-40 homer,. .850+ OPS middle of the lineup bat, we'd be able to do some things. 

Since the trade deadline, Riley cemented himself as that. I now believe Soler is the X Factor. He's been good for us, but he can absolutely carry this team in a way that can catapult us to heights we couldn't imagine without Acuna. 

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