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Braves at Nationals

For the A

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I got seats in 2nd tier behind braves dugout. Group of us, 4 guys were sitting right behind girls who brought jack daniels in baggies concealed in their bras. $40 of beer and jd later we spotted seats 1st row behind the dugout. We moved and took the seats just in time for Braves to do the mound high fives. None of us had a clue that it was 9th inning and Braves had just beat the Giants 16-3.

This was when beer was $4.....fulton co stadium

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19 minutes ago, Williamb said:

I do, I don't get to many games (I live 5 hrs away), and when I do, I'm intense. Except for that one time....

We had season tickets in the cheap seats at the Ted next to the general admission section.  We were right next to the tunnel.  We often got drunk college kids coming into our section yelling, “okay! Now we’re going to start the wave!”  We looked at them and said, “no..”  they would run back into the concourse and you’d see them pop out the next aisle over.

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