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Braves vs Reds

For the A

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1 minute ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Which makes no sense cause he's absolutely pathetic at framing and costs our pitches so many strikes.

I think they just got comfortable with his game calling. One of those guys the pitcher can let call the game while they just worry about making the pitch

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19 minutes ago, brdu4 said:

Nats lead Mets 7-5 bottom 7, game 1 of double header. 


8 minutes ago, tl;dr said:

Close this out Nats. And in other news… the Marlins are up big on the Padres late. Would help shave a number off the wild card 

Not a 7 inning game cause it was originally started as a 9-inning game.

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2 minutes ago, brdu4 said:

Thought they canceled the game and scheduled for a DH today. 

Nope. It was suspended. It started up in the 2nd inning today. They no longer cancel games that aren't official anymore. They just suspend them. That's a rule change they made last year and continued with this year.

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7 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Guillermo Heredia's homerun broke the Baseball Savant website. The last thing listed was Travis d'Arnaud's lineout. Been waiting for the numbers for Heredia's homerun but he broke everything!!

It finally updated. Heredia's homerun went 433 feet at 106.5 mph.

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