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Braves vs Nats

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4 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

Yeah....that is one thing about him that is annoying...he is a bit of a whiney ***** about the strike zone.

Not Bryce Harper level ***** but a whiney ***** none the less.

Yep. Can't stand guys that constantly ***** about the strike zone. Used to hate that about B.J. Upton. He'd strike out on a pitch right down the middle and then ***** about it.

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DOB talked to Seitzer about Dansby. He said he finally pulled Dansby aside and told him he's too good to strikeout so much. He said Dansby understood and agreed he needed to tone it down. Seitzer didn't specifically mention Dansby but he said too many guys are going all for the power now and willing to strikeout. So I think Dansby fell into that, he was looking to launch homeruns and willing to strikeout. 

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