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Braves vs Nats

For the A

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14 hours ago, AUTiger7222 said:

When you're used to John Smoltz and Craig Kimbrel barely giving up a baserunner and you've got to deal with Will "Heart Attack" Smith it is a problem. Also, did you say that when Luke Jackson was doing that same song and dance? Or were you one of the ones waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Nevermind, it is what it is and for some people they'll just blow this off as one of those nights but I can't. I'm ******* legit pissed because it was clear Will Smith didn't have it tonight and instead of Snitker getting him out of the game before he could give up up another dude's 1st career homerun but here we are. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Got dammit man!!! ******* pissed!! Piece of **** ******* team!!!

Agree smith needs to be on a short leash. If he walks first batter he needs pulled after the third

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3 minutes ago, Born Again Georgian said:

So who do we want to win today between the Mutts and Philth?  Obviously the Braves need to take care of their own business.

Mets. Philly is the team in first place now. We're 2 back of them and 0.5 back of the Mets. 

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