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Braves @ Mets


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3 hours ago, gp_74 said:

Surprise surprise! Another loss, and no offense, when one game below 500. I'm convinced...they need a sports shrink...smh

6-19 when one game under .500…

0-7 when at .500

Total 7-25

All other games 43-27

I can safely say that no team has ever teased it’s fan base to this degree. 

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This team needs more from the bottom of the lineup. After the top 4 (sometimes top 5 depending on Dansby) it gets very shaky. Having Acuña back next year and then maybe Contreras at C (he’s gonna be here, he’s mashing AAA) will help. If we keep Pedersen, it’s better too. 

We still need another OF bat and more bench depth though. I wonder if Pache and Waters will be ready. Seems like that would be the easiest fix, but idk if it’s the best. 

Would love to trade for Turner. Would almost certainly include Dansby and then some, but imagine a top 4 of Acuña, Turner, Freddie and Ozzie

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1 minute ago, jidady said:

Ender's a good dude and will be a fine coach/manager some day.

Chronic hamstring injuries suck. He was a bright note in a tough time for the franchise.

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