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Hi All


I am based in the UK and will be working til mid-way through the 1st quarter of each game (when the season finally starts!!) - can anyone recommend a radio app (on the play store), so I can listen to the 1st quarter whilst driving back home where I can finally watch the game?





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21 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

I don't know if you have siriusxm, but back when I used to travel for work many moons ago, I had the subscription that had play-by-play of all NFL games (with each team's broadcast crew, too!). You might look into that.


21 minutes ago, tcmafreak said:

Audacy and 92.9 cut the online game feed right at kickoff. That is due to NFL licensing agreements. I am currently in Mexico and have to figure out a solution. I think NFL Gamepass may provide radio feeds. I’ll do some research today and update this post.

Yepper the NFL has their games on super lockdown! If you are out of market, Sirius is absolutely the best(safest) bet.

That and going through the NFL TICKET through directv or who ever else has the rights.

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Okay. Here is what I found, but this could change before the season starts...


Places that used to have live game audio (premium versions):


NFL Gamepass



Places that currently have a license to broadcast live game audio:



It appears the NFL has compartmentalized their offerings and minimized competition to maximize their fees. I will likely sign up for Gamepass International ($120 for the season), since I want to watch all of the games.

Good luck!

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NFL needs to get its head out of its a$$ and join the 21st century.  Folks are always getting displaced for work.  Then they cannot follow their teams cause of archaic blackout rules.  Then the NFL complains viewership is down....

Very 20th century of them. 

What is wrong with letting folks see and hear games?  You still will hear all the national food, beer and soda commercials... the insurance commercials... car commercials... Home depot n Lowes.  You just wont get all the local in market used car lot and mom and pop commercials.

Big freaking deal.

NFL is its own worst enemy. IMHO


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