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2021 MLB Draft


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Some other info I didn’t know. 

In that system, teams have a certain amount of money to spend in the top 10 rounds of the Draft, a pool based on slot values for each selection they have. For picks beyond the 10th, teams can spend up to $125,000 per selection without it counting against that pool. In the new system, teams have discovered they have bonus pool money left over once they’ve figured out bonuses for picks on Days 1 and 2 and they can use it to go over that $125,000 to sign Day 3 draftees.

It’s a low-risk proposition. In the top 10 rounds, a team loses a pick’s slot value from its pool if a player doesn’t sign. That’s not the case on Day 3, so a team can take any of the above high school players, or any player for that matter, and not have to worry about a non-signing impacting the pool. Any bonus above that $125K threshold will count against that pool, however.

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4 minutes ago, K26dp said:

WOW -- the Angels had a 100% pitcher draft.

Can't really blame them. They haven't had pitching in forever so going pitcher heavy, maybe that means they finally will be able to develop some pitching to go along with the good position players they've already got.

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