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2021 MLB Draft


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7 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

It seems Rocker fell because of money. Hes made it known he wants a big bonus. The belief is the Mets will have to give him top 5 money. 


5 hours ago, K26dp said:

The 2019 draft was similar, Brett Baty fell to them at 12 due to money concerns despite being considered a top-5 talent. They basically had to punt most of the rest of the first 10 rounds to get get enough pool to pay for it. 

They're putting their eggs in one basket, but if it hits, it'll hit big. 


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36 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

In what ways are the MLB and NFL draft similar or different as far as the slot values goes and the draft pool?

NFL slot values are a pretty hard cap. You can't really go over that. Thats why nobody holds out anymore. Any negotiations is just over certain language and not necessarily money. MLB is different because they give the teams a budget and it's totally up to them how to spend it. 

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15 hours ago, K26dp said:

10th round: Dylan Spain, RHP, Hawaii-Hilo.

Interesting pick here -- missed 2020 due to COVID, then Hawaii-Hilo folded their baseball season and he didn't pitch in 2021. 

Check that, Hawaii-Hilo didn't fold. They were delayed by first COVID then rainy season. Spain had already graduated, so he elected to work out at the local baseball academy. 

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