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Terry Fontenot: "Rebuilding Really Isn't In Our Vocabulary"

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3 minutes ago, hjerry said:

I can think of 2 responses that we'll see from this

1. Some form of "that's just coach speak" and/or "what do you expect him to say"

2. Well then he's just stupid if he can't see we need to be in a rebuild

Exactly. We know exactly how this thread will play out.

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7 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

All the tankers and "get rid of Matt Ryan" folks ain't gonna be happy hearing this!! All the "Falcons won't win 4 games this year" folks ain't gonna be happy to hear this..

They need to accept that Terry and Arthur have faith in Matt Ryan. They never were going to draft Fields or any other QB!

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24 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

When you have a quarterback, you don’t need to rebuild. Plain and simple 

Of course then the argument just becomes whether we have a QB or not

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10 minutes ago, hjerry said:

Ah, a 3rd option which I did not foresee, but should have

They want to be in a rebuild, but Blank is forcing them to not be

Yeah, that was classic, especially coming from Mr. Falcoholic himself. Another reason I don't take anything he says seriously.

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Just now, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

I wanted Fields but I guess it made more sense from both Terry and Arthur's point of view. Terry has seen first hand how far you can go with an aging QB and Arthur knows what he's capable of bringing out of a veteran QB. And Ryan still is and has always been better than Tannehill.

or they just didn't like the choices at QB and thought Pitts was the better player at that pick

You know, or that

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