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D@mn! Jameis Winston working hard and looking like a steal!

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On 6/23/2021 at 12:00 AM, Falcons_Frenzy said:

I'm sure defensive players will only swat at the ball like a newborn baby too. 

At least two of them will just sit there and wobble like giant d****s too. 

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22 minutes ago, Rings said:

Taysom didn’t beat anyone.  The Saints beat the coachless Falcons twice last year.  Taysom was on the team that won.

True. If I remember he wasn’t all that impressive in the 2nd game. Maybe it was the first but I remember thinking “he isn’t even that good of a QB”

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21 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Haah! Practicing to hold the ball long so Falcons D.B can sack him ....lmao!! 

Cant say you blame them?? I mean if hes had a issue holding on to the ball.. Practicing holding on to the ball isn't a bad thing for the Saints 

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On 6/28/2021 at 8:18 AM, Herr Doktor said:

Rival Central?  Is that still a thing?

No, it hasn't been for years.  The misfits there went rogue and started their own splinter board as they wanted to get away from Mod control. They wanted me to follow them and I refused. They even started a fake account with my screen name and avatar over there. I guess you could say WFW was the alpha bull and king of the misfits...when you look at it that way it doesn't sound so great. :tiphat:

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