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2021 Deep Dive

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In before the power ranking brigade. 

This means nothing, draft grades mean nothing, OTA & minicamp fluff pieces mean nothing.

Just create a Mike Smith like disciplined team with a Kyle Shanahan offense, and we'll all be happy. We must have sold our franchise soul to the devil to have that one year Gritz Blitz record holding team, because apparently we have not been allowed to field a good one since.

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Well, on a positive note, lot's of room for outperforming our low expectations.  

I'd much rather have others viewing us with all kinds of questions & areas of concern & lower expectations while exceeding those projections, than visa versa I guess.

I think if we can win 9 games it would really bode well considering all the incredible change.  I'll be tuned in for sure.

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1 hour ago, ShmevinShmarris said:

This guy thinks we’re better than 4 other teams? Nice!


three minutes in and this guy is all surface level 

Incredible! Judging from his analysis, I figured instead of giving the Falcons a power ranking he was just going to declare the team non-competitive and recommend they be banished from further NFL participation. 🤣

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